Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ahhh, do you hear that?

That my friends is the sound of college football kicking off! What better way to get it started than an annual tailgating kickoff party. The New's held their annual Tiger Tailgate kickoff on Sunday, the day before the big game. The day before you may ask? Yes, you see there is no such thing as too much tailgating:) I believe this was the 4th year of their yearly event, however it is the first one we have made it to seeing that we have been in California for the past 3. It was wonderful catching up with everyone, many we have not seen in 3 years or since our student days! The addition of kids seems to have multiplied since we have been everywhere! It's so good to be back in the South and even better to be back near Clemson... God's Country. Nowhere but the South do they do tailgating right! Mmmmm, there was Barbecue:) Something So Cal has not quite figured out...No not A barbecue, cooking hamburgers and hot dogs. You see, that my friends is a Cookout. Pig, people, we are talking about a PIG!!!! Oh it is soooo good to be back...Pigs, tailgating and doesn't get much better:) With the kicking off of football season, that only means one thing. Fall is just around the corner:) We sure did miss the changing of seasons out West in Cali...I can't wait to see the leaves change colors! Don't get me wrong... I am a summer girl through and through (I did love this about living in Cali, summer all year long). However, I did miss the fall ever year. Chris of course is in heaven... Clemson football and fall...his two favorite things. Glad to see The Tigers got off to a good start Monday night:) Hope we keep it up!

You see Par, this here is a big game tomorrow... we've got to be able to run and throw the ball if we are going to beat his old man.
Yea, Pey Pey...I see what you mean. Any good looking trick plays we can pull off? This is FSU we are talking about. Bobby, man he always has something up his sleeve!
Peyton courting on Tess
Uncle Greg sharing his chips with Parker

Catherine and her girls... I sure can't tell them apart:)

A family of Orange
Peyton and Da watching the fireworks
Peyton (right) signing "more" fireworks...Parker NOT loving it:)


The Hardy Family said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun weekend! Go Tigers!
PS Hope to see you and your boys soon! Also, I finally got those shirts to your mom!

Michael & Catherine said...

It was so fun to see you all last weekend! Cute pictures of the boys!