Friday, September 21, 2007

Still struggling

As you can see, we are still struggling with nap time. I have stripped their room of any entertainment. No clothes in the drawers, no toys, only two books. Chris did bolt the dressers to the wall so they will not fall on them in the chance they decide to try out their climbing skills. There is a "child proof" door knob covering on the inside of their door and on the closet door. Not too much help as they know how to open the closet door has the Brad effect on it...knob covered in lotion with the knob covering on top! Thanks for the tip Brad.

Surely with nothing left to do, they would read a book and then nap. Not so much. It's amazing the entertainment they can still find...the blinds, opening and closing drawers, throwing the 2 books against the now they get a bit of time to try napping together and then the separation happens. I have tried this before but Parker gets so hysterical I usually return Peyton to the room. I once stuck it out for 2 weeks...that was a looong time without them taking a nap. Peyton goes upstairs in the pack n play, usually right to sleep. I think he enjoys the peace and quiet. Parker on the other hand is quite distraught he is by himself. Two day this week they have been separated, and two days they finally napped. The first time was for only 30 minutes but yesterday was 2 hours! woo hoo:) However, as you can see Parker stood at the door crying for "brough" before giving in. He only cried for 5 minutes this time.

Maybe we are getting somewhere! Maybe not....Peyton woke up at 5:30 this morning and refused to go back to bed. This is so unlike them as they usually sleep until 7:30 or 8am. I hope this is NOT a new trend. We tried letting him cry it out...only to wake Parker and have him join in. It was clear after a bit of time they were not having any of it. There are so many parts of me that want to put the cribs back together....maybe they will be ready by the time they are 10:) How has anyone else done it? We could use any help or suggestions.

Parker asleep 1/2 under Peyton's crib and at the door to their room


Heather Turner said...

Martha! I'm sooo sorry for all you're going through- it's no fun when you're pregnant and your kids won't nap!

My sister (with the triplets) used the mesh crib covers- that zip on over the crib to keep her munchkins from climbing out of their cribs. THey worked really well- but they cost about $70 each. Her kids stayed in their cribs until they were 3! We're keeping you all in our prayers!

Michael & Catherine said...

Oh Martha...what a long week. I think you and Chris need a vacation! I'm glad Parker is ok..that must've been so scary! I hope they start sleeping better in the "big boy beds". We'll be thinking of you guys...