Thursday, September 06, 2007

Celebrating Labor Day

We had a very busy labor day weekend. As usual we packed the van and headed to the lake. The boys are always so excited to go see Hannie and Pa Pa (Chris' grandparents). What a great weekend to kick off the start of college football! Ahhhh, that just means fall is around the corner:) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed your day off work.

Chris and Peyton catching some games on TV
Our barber hard at work
The oh so classic Parker face
Peyton helping Pa Pa make homemade Peach ice cream...mmm
Parker digging for some ice
Chris and I have started the it time to take the boys our of their cribs? After this weekend.... NO IT IS NOT!!!!
Here is the room they napped in... IN their pack n plays mind you. Notice the unmade was nicely made before they got a hold of it.
I walk in to find this
and this....
How in the world did they do ALL this damage...yet never leaving their pack n play.... Nope, they are not leaving their cages, err cribs ANYTIME soon. The room looked like it had been ransacked by robbers looking for the one jewel they came to steal! Oh boys...can you at least turn it off at nap and bed time?
***2 hours after posting this, I hear what you only have to hear once to remember what it is...the sound of a head hitting hardwood floors and then SILENCE...followed by wailing. BOYS! you are making this impossible, now you are going to break your neck***

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Tallon said...

oh no!!! they might be better off staying in the cribs! "you will know when the time is right!!