Friday, August 31, 2007

Touch a Truck

One of our favorite days was back this spring when Chris' mom and us took the boys to "Touch a Truck". It is held every spring just North West of Atlanta and is FREE to the public. It has every truck imaginable there. UPS, Firetruck, Ambulance, Mail, Domino's 18 wheeler refrigerated hauler, you name is there. The best part is the kids get to climb in them, sit in the seat, crank it up, blow the horn....every little boys dream! Seeing that the boys are head over heals for trucks...we couldn't resist taking them. As we passed by they were so excited to see a firetruck. That is all the "talked" about from the time we parked the car until we saw it live. In one of the pictures below you can see Parker's lips pursed together....he is making the "woo woo woo" sound of the firetruck. They loved the trucks best from a distance. It took them longer than I thought to warm up to them up close. I know next year they will love it even more!


Tallon said...

HOW COOL IS THAT! My son would LOVE it!! Please let me know when you find out the dates for the next one! that just might be worth the drive to check out all those trucks up close and personal!!!!

Heather said...

Oh,us too. Next year we are there! I can't believe I just typed that. AHH
But it looks like fun. H

Steve and Miranda said...

It's not just for boys...Haley went to one here, too, and LOVED it!