Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Friends

Wow! I am way behind. I have so many pictures from this spring I never posted...so many stories to be told. Not to mention that I still can not get the Picasa web albums to post:( Aghhhhh! Here are a few pictures of some new friends the boys have made here in the neighborhood. It's been fun watching the kids continue to play over the summer. I need to do a better job taking pictures:) Maybe if we finally stick around one town long enough, they will have these friends into high school. We shall see.

Our next door neighbor Ava. What a cutie! Somehow I missed getting a picture of her brother Jaxton. They both love coming to play and always bring toys to share.

Peyton taking in all the action

Parker loving Jaxton and Ava's battery operated tractor

Nope you aren't crazy, you are seeing double...twice! We have met a family with identical twin girls that are only 1 1/2 months older than the boys! What a blessing it has been getting to know the McMurry family. The boys love playing with Ansley and Charis. Carolyn and I love trading stories and finally having an understanding ear!

Peyton and ???? Now I know what you all feel like trying to tell the boys apart. I usually get the girls right in person...a picture is a whole different story. Peyton, such the ladies man... I think we might have to keep an eye on these two!

I love looking back at my childhood photos and seeing friends I had made. Many I still have today! I hope the boys are as fortunate as I was.


sara anthony said...

What a cutie that first girl is. Model material, I tell you. Oh wait, she's mine!

Tallon said...

Soo fun- looks like double the trouble! glad you are meeting people and making friends- It soo helps the transition into a new city! I can't get Picasa web ablbums to work either so I can't help you there!! love the boys Chick-Fil-A shirts! I know that makes Daddy proud!=)