Monday, August 27, 2007

and ONE makes Three!

If WOW was your first response... you are not alone:) We were quite shocked at the news too. Clearly, it was in OUR plan to wait 2 more years.... funny how we even attempt to make plans of our own. We are, however, VERY excited to realize this is God's great plan for our family's life. We have found He has quite the sense of humor:) Two the first time ONE two years "early". Yes, we have checked twice now. There is only one! Sooooo, instead of heading to Chick-fil-A seminar in February of next year to play with Mickey....we just may be heading to our local hospital. Our official due date is March 7th...but we are measuring 6-7 days further along on just might be a big one! We are leaning toward another C-section and if that is the case we are looking at 38-39 weeks for delivery....right during seminar:( I have pleaded with the Dr. not to go for 2/29 which would be 39 weeks. No one wants that day for a birthday! We had planned on bringing the boys down after seminar was done and taking them to we will be taking them on another ride of their life!

We should know by homecoming what the sex is! First things first....must know before tailgating:) This pregnancy so far has been MUCH different than before. Not sure if it is b/c there is only one, or that there might be pink bows in there. I have been awful nauseous this time and the insomnia is ridiculous. I was not sick one day with the boys and could nod off to sleep at any time. We shall see.

Now you can see why I have been posting old pictures and stories....not too much adventurous outings going on these past 12 weeks. We are excited and extremely thankful God has blessed us with another precious life to care for. It is a bit ahead of our schedule but we would not have it any other way. It reminds me of a verse I found in college. Proverbs 19: 21 Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. NIV Of course when it is good news, it is much easier to cling to this verse. I have found myself clinging to this verse when it isn't good news either...much, much harder but a glimpse of hope too.

Of course, most of our family is rooting for a girl. I think Chris' grandfather (Pa Pa) wants a girl worse than he wants his retirement! Hope we can give him one. I do love my boy's though and we are soooo in boy mode. We have the clothes, the toys...the mindset... we will know soon. It's a good thing we bought our mini van after the boys were born. Of the other options we were looking at....we would be in trouble now! Looks like we are well on our way to filling it does have seating for 8!


Laura Hamm said...

yay!!! we heard from your parents a few weeks ago about #3 while at dinner here in Columbia! We are all so excited for you! When ever yall are in clemson give me a call. I should be around for most games! I would be happy to give you a nice air conditioned place to stay or even just stop by. All the best with this new gift and hopefully I will get to see yall at atleast one of the games!!!

Laura E. Hamm

Tallon said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! how exciting! those boys are going to be FANTASTIC BIG BROTHERS!! I love the family picture of ya'll=) hope you start getting some rest and feeling better soon=) It amazes me how different people say each pregnancy is!!!

Michael & Catherine said...

Yeah for three!! It'll be so wild for y'all to just have one baby....and so relaxing!! (hopefully!!) We're excited for y'all! The boys are so precious!

Chris & Emily said...

hey - congratulations! Looks like we have a lot in common these days!! I too have been pretty sick and unable to sleep - oppostie of how I was with Cort? bows sound possible! We feel the same way - it would be exciting to have a girl but we def. are in boy mode too - of course for me I am torn between wanting a girl and wanting Cort to have a brother - you've already got that taken care of!!!!! :)

Doug & Heather Turner said...

Congratulations! If it's another boy- then you can join the 3 boys club like us! Martha-isn't it great being pregnant with just one after having 2 in there last time? It sure is for me!
Keep us updated!

Tallon said...

I would def leave the monkeys caged up until they are climbing out of crib- we had gotten into a BAD habit of having Tal sleep in our bed ( since we were washing his sheets) while he was sick and I have not been able to get him to sleep in his crib since then- hence the early arrival of the big boy bed! I will keep you updated on how it goes!!
Oh- if only my husband would let my son wear orange- did you know I married a Gamecock- yes- we have a mixed marriage=) haha but i DO LOVE THE MAN so what can I say!! He did say we would go to a CLemson game this year so hopefully we can meet up=) I am still pulling that 1 day my child will attend Clemson though- it is the BETTER school=) hope your feeling well this afternoon!! can't wait to see belly pictures once you start showing- such a fun stage of life and what a blessing God has given ya'll ( I am rooting for a girl=) nothing like bows and dresses! plus the boys needs someone to be protectors of!!=)

The Hardy Family said...

I'm so excited for you! I've been riding around with the bag of maternity shirts for you in my car for a week and will get them to your mom soon!
Take care!

Steve and Miranda said...

YEAH! CONGRATS! I had heard the news a while back, but wasn't sure I was supposed to know so kept my mouth shut. I've been dying to talk to you about it, though! Sorry you haven't been feeling well--not easy to care of other kiddos when you are pregnant, but especially not when you are sick. I bet one baby will be a piece of cake for y'all! Can't wait to see you soon, and to hear boy/girl.

tammy said...

Can't wait to know what it is! So excited for you! Loved visiting when you were out in Cali last month.

Love & miss you guys!