Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sharing a cool treat with a friend

One of my mom's favorite things to do with the boys is buy them ice cream cones from
Chick-fil-A. Their icedream is wonderful and has quickly become the boys favorite. They always clap their hands together and ask for "Mo" (more). These are a few sweet pictures I captured of the boys sharing a cone. Amazingly, they would take turns each eating a bite. We have to coach them to eat from the top! The cone is their favorite part and they love eating from the bottom up...doesn't work so well.

They could only be patient for so long...eventually they both dug in!

Now that is some serious eating!

I love this shot of Peyton. I think Parker was eating a little too fast for him and he thought he was missing out.

Mess, mess! Remember what I said about eating from the bottom up!


Kim said...

I love the little toes smearing the ice cream on your floor. Looks like fun! When I showed Lke the pictures, he told me the following, "Parker e Peyton make mess." Yes, that's the anal child I've created. I love how they share one ice cream cone. Too cute. Can't wait to see you!

Michael & Catherine said...

That is so adorable! I love it! What a fun adventure it must be to be a twin! Looking forward to seeing you up at Clemson soon!