Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Out with a bang!

Just a quick post to update everyone on our absence. Sorry I have no pictures to post. Chris has the camera with him. We have been in California since last Tuesday (9/28). Chris was out here working and the boys and I tagged along to play with our friends. Our travel plans included hanging out with friends, eating yummy So Cal food, visiting with Mickey at Disneyland and returning to GA this past Monday the 1st. We did many of the above but as usual when traveling with children, flexibility is the name of the game. Be careful what you wish for...we both were saying how we never feel like we have enough time to make all our rounds and have quality time with everyone. "It would be nice to have a few more days...". Needless to say we ended our trip with a bang!

We planned on seeing Mickey and friends last Wednesday. Nope...the boys were much too out of sorts to see Mickey on Wednesday as they were still on East Coast time and ready for bed at 5! Thus we moved our visit with Mickey to Sunday. We had dinner plans with friends on Saturday night but again...nothing is as planned with kids. Peyton woke up from his nap with a 102 temp and there went our plans. This was the beginning of it all:(

By Sunday am Parker had a fever. That night Peyton had a croupy cough and was wheezing while running around outside. To make a very looong story short. Both boys ended up with croup and for some reason it hit Peyton really hard. 3:30 am Monday I took Peyton to the closest ER to where we were staying. His breathing was awful. He had stridor so bad it woke me up. They gave him 4 breathing treatments in the ER, a shot of steroids and a dose of antibiotics just in case it was a bacterial infection in his neck. Needless to say none of it was helping and by lunch time the transport team from Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) was there to pick him up and take him back to CHOC. I was never so glad to see a team of nurses and respiratory therapist whisk my son away in an ambulance. It's really too bad he was too sick to enjoy the ride. Parker however was thrilled to see the ambulance up close but got a bit concerned when they put "brough" inside. CHOC is where I worked in the Peds Intensive Care Unit (PICU)/ Peds Cardiovascular ICU for the 3 years we lived here. I knew he was in good hands as I had worked with the people on the transport team.

He had a rough night on the general peds floor and by Tuesday am they moved him to the PICU to treat him more aggressively and watch him closer. Thankfully the big dose of steroids they gave him kicked in and he made a 180 degree turn around.

Parker in the mean time was home with a 104 temp and stridor too. Thankfully it never affected his breathing like it did Peyton. Our old pediatrician here saw Peyton in the hospital and Parker in his office. He gave me some oral steroids to give Parker to get us through the night in hopes he would not end up like Peyton. It worked like a charm!

The team at CHOC took great care of Peyton. I could not have asked for better care. It was such a blessing we were in a place where I knew his health care team. I didn't worry for a minute when he went to PICU b/c those Dr's, nurses and RT's I worked with are wonderful. It was nice to not have that added stress. Yes, it would have been more convenient to have been in GA and at home...but knowing the people at the hospital caring for him made this bearable.

Peyton left the hospital today (Wed 3rd) and is doing MUCH better. He is wiped out and very tired but holding his own. Chris and Parker were finally able to fly home today and Peyton and I are scheduled to fly out tomorrow (4th). It is going to be WONDERFUL to be home and in our own beds! I can't wait to have my pillow back:)

We have coveted many of your prayers. Our So Cal family has taken great care of us. I am so thankful we were spending time there and not on some random family vacation on our own. Brad and Kim so graciously had us with them for our planned stay and of course continued to host us after our trip was delayed. I think they are going to put a huge bubble over their house and fumigate the place. In the time we were there we had 4 kids all under the age of 3... three of which had times! Hey, misery loves company right?

I will post pics from our trip sometime next week when we get settled back into a routine. Having the kids give up goldfish and chocolate pudding for 3 meals a day is going to be rough. At least they have been drinking their milk right?

I think it would have been cheaper to go to Disneyland after all this. Forget saving for college. We are going to have to put a "sick" fund aside. It seems when our boys get sick they do it full out:) We are taking bets on how much the ambulance ride set us back. Any takers?

It could be something much worse. Thankfully it was only croup and he will have no lasting effects. I think he was the healthiest kid in the 24 bed PICU. It was great catching up with my old colleges...just not the way I expected.

So...this very long story to say "See ya real soon"! God has blessed us in many ways this extended trip and provided for all our needs. We are ever so thankful to our friends in CA and forever indebted to Brad and Kim. They have stepped up to the plate more times than we can count. This makes the 3rd time we have "lived" with them. They take in our boys like they are their own. Friends are so valuable and treasured in life. God has truly blessed us with wonderful friends everywhere we have lived. No place more evident and needed than the 3 years we lived in Southern California.

Counting our blessings,

Chris, Martha, Peyton, Parker...and baby Darley


Heather said...

So I finally move here and you leave and then you decide to stay even longer. I heard that the boys were in the hospital. I am glad they are getting better. We do miss you here. call me when you get back and settled! H

Anonymous said...

it's the curse of the health care professional! that is what the docs nad nurses kept telling me. They also kept saying "I hope you have good insurance"! I hope you do too! Just my hospital bill, not including doctors fees and lab work and x-rays was $52,000 give or take a few hundred dollars :)So thankful for out-of-pocket maximums! I'll be praying for continued recovery for your boys. I hope you are well and getting some rest with all of this!
love you,

Tallon said...

YIKES!! what a trip!!! so sorry for all the sickness, but glad that you had great healthcare where ya'll were!! definitely helps take the edge of things when you know the nurses and Docs and trust them!! hope you guys get back into a routine quickly!!! I def thing we will be close behind with the "sick" fund... seems these days that is where all the money heads!

Michael & Catherine said...

Glad to hear things are better...we've been thinking of y'all. Your sense of humor is awesome! I am thankful that y'all were in familiar territory although it is not the way you had hoped to spend a fun week! Hope your trip home with Peyton is uneventful and he gets to eat goldfish and chocolate pudding all the way!

The Hardy Family said...

I'm so glad ya'll are all back in GA! I've been praying for you guys this whole time and glad your mom kept us up to speed. Thankfully you were in a familiar place and were in good hands. God is good! Take care of yourselves and get some well deserved rest. God will provide for those medical bills just as He has with us when we've had these sort of episodes with Tyler! We hope to see you guys soon!

tammy said...

SOOOOOOO glad you are home! I just cannot believe how things went, Glad we got our time BEFORE the storm. We love and miss you all already. I ended up passing on the chickfila sleepout... I'm sooooo too old for that kind of twentysomething activity these days. Love you bunches, cant wait til your next trip!

Heather said...

ok so I do not have your email! Help. I wanted to chat and dont have a way to get a hold of you besides here. I hope all is well. H

Steve and Miranda said...

Wow--you've had quite a time the last few weeks...finally getting caught up on reading blogs. And all this while pregnant-yuck! Any announcements coming soon to let us all know if you are preparing for pink or blue?