Monday, October 22, 2007

Ribbons and Bows

I think their faces say it all. They are a little less than thrilled! Peyton is looking to Parker as if to say "Is she for real about this?". Parker is thinking "I'm afraid so brough". Every time you ask them if they want a brother or sister you usually get a big NO! Occasionally you will get "sister"...well that's a good thing cause that is what were having!

Aren't the boys outfits just lovely? It's Monday, It's raining, the boys are sick and Chris is out of town... this is about as close as it got to getting dressed today:)

After coloring in the sign so you could read it better, Parker decided he had had enough.

Peyton's thoughts on our news:)

OK. For those of you interested (mainly family) here are some 20 weeks pics. We've been slack up until this point and these are the first pictures this pregnancy. Wish I could find my 20 week pics with the boys. I think my mom has them on her computer and I will have to get them. I started out showing much earlier this time around...11 weeks and was looking bigger than with the boys up until around 18 weeks. Now I think I am a bit smaller (shew) at this point than with the boys. We shall see how it ends up!

A kiss for sister (a zerbert really, they think it is hilarious!)

Above are my first ultra sound pics of the boys, at 10 1/2 weeks. The one on top is before they found #2. You can see #2's foot to the right but in the pic the Dr. kept you can only see one baby. In the bottom pic you can clearly see the two babies! But, you can also see in the upper right hand corner where they originally labeled the ultra sound "single".

Above is still one of my favorite shots of the boys! This one was at 12 1/2 weeks.

Our newest little bean at 8 weeks...clearly there is only one! Trust me...3 ultrasounds later and there is just one!

Clearly you can see we were having two boys in these pics. No doubt about it!

And what, you may ask, do you see when you are having a girl? 3 glowing lines of course! Clearly there is no "knob" here. Though I am still waiting for a phone call telling me they got it wrong after all:) It's just "too good to be true"!

Now for the 3 profile shots. Of course the boys look similar...but she has the same nose as the boys! That came from me (Martha). You can also see how much bigger she is at 20 one is stealing her food! The boys shared a placenta so they've been hording their food since day one:) Poor things have always had to share everything. The pic on top is Parker and the pic on the bottom is Peyton.

Only time will tell who she looks like. She already is much more active than the boys...I'm guessing because she has more room to roam!

I can't wait to dress her in all those cute smocked dresses and little outfits. To pull her hair up in pigtails and bows:) I'm so excited it's a girl because I most likely only have one summer left to dress the boys in the Jon Jon's and smocked outfits. Chris has been gracious so far. It's a good thing my mom can sew and smock...those outfits cost a fortune! Plus she will have "one of a kind":) My mom has already pulled out my dressed she smocked and even a dress my grandfather wore. So much fun!


sara anthony said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! Girls are so fun and the girl clothes..... oh what a joy they are to dress. You may have to rework the clothes budget Chris.

Tallon said...

OH MY GOODNESS- GONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! sooo glad your getting gonna have a girl to dress up and watch all those sports games with while the boys play!!! =)

you look fantastic!! I totally understand about needing a girl to dress up- Reeves told me that Tal has to be out of the cute outfits by next Summer- =( my mom smocks too so I totally enjoy the cute clothes at a MUCH BETTER PRICE!!!!
soo excited for you guys- enjoy your rest now!!!

Kim said...

Speaking of robbons and bows, I found a fab website. I just ordered Reagan a bunch that attach to the headbands and a little sercie for you. It's on it's way. I'll email you the website.

Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

Thanks for the comments about Miss CBs clothes on Tallon's blog! I have been stalking your blog for awhile now...Your boys are PRECIOUS and I am so excited for you to have a girl! You will be AMAZED at the differences between boys and girls from the very beginning! It is such a blessing to have one of each (or two of one and one of the other in your case!).
As far as the clothes go, YES- girls are sooooo much fun to dress!!! Boys are fun for the first three years, but my husband too took the cute stuff away after Mak was potty-trained. It's so sad. But Big Boy clothes can be fun, too! And the budget...well, that CAN be difficult. The trick is to find some good hand-me-downs for the staples, then you can splurge on a few things. I also think you can find cuter "cheap" girl clothes than boy clothes. Most of Clara Beth's shoes are Target, while Makgill still needs Stride Rite. And search last season stuff. Baby clothes never go out of style! Congratulations, again! It'll be FUN!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I was hoping it would be :) I can't wait to go shopping for this new little bundle! Miss you guys!
Jamie :)

Steve and Miranda said...

Yeah!! Congratulations--we love girls in the Carson house:)

Michael & Catherine said...

So excited for you to enter the world of pink!! The boys are going to be the best big brother protectors!!

terriblespeller said...

love the sign, especially it ripping in half. I am happy for you both!!

Chrys and Mike said...

Congratulations, Martha! What exciting news!!