Friday, October 26, 2007

Fun Times, Good Friends

Luckily before the boys got sick we were able to visit with some friends. We had to cancel Disneyland twice with our friends the Webbs:( We're sad we never made it to hang out with you guys and the kiddos.

Thursday morning the boys and I headed to one of our favorite breakfast spots (well, besides Chick-fil-A)...Panera Bread:) YUM! If you've never hit them up for breakfast before, you sure are missing out. The various egg souffles are to die for. One of our favorites is the spinach and bacon...mmmm. Of course the bagels are great too. The boys however are partial to the chocolate chip cookies, yes even for breakfast! The only thing missing from this gathering this Thursday morning was Heather :( They had just moved to GA on Monday...we barely missed her.

I still remember and am very thankful for the early mornings Jamie and Heather would meet me for breakfast while the boys were just babies. I would show up tired and run down, thinking there was no end in site. They would take over and love on the boys while I ate, and cried, and realized how very thankful I was for their support and encouragement. There were many mornings the summer and fall of '05 spent this way. I will always cherish this time with them. They were a great source of encouragement and love. They helped pull me out of my tunnel. Thanks for the memories girls!

Back row: Summer, me, Tammy (Ethan's mommy)
Front row: Jamie, Parker, Ethan, Peyton

Eating breakfast with my very good friends and twin support crew. Girls, I couldn't be where I am today as a mom if it weren't for each of you! They wrapped Chris, I and the boys in love and gifts as we muddled our way through many tough times. They were there for the new store, the early birth of the boys, the slow summer of sales at the store, our marriage counseling, and sending us off to the other coast. We can never fully thank them enough. I can not count the hours they spent watching our boys...often over night, cleaning our house, and bringing us food. We are blessed.

I still remember the nights Summer and Neal would load up in the van with Chris, I and the boys and we would head to Sonic...The things you look for that remind you of home. They were from Alabama and craved Sonic just like we did. Clearly we were not going to find any real Bar B a Sonic slush was the next best thing. We would drive 40 minutes to the only Sonic around. No one appreciated it like they did!

Friday night the boys and I made it back to our old neighborhood to visit with our friends who lived several doors down from us. When we left CA, Rory was just a baby. Now she is One! What a cutie and so social:) Thanks for letting us stop by Ryan and Sarah. Sorry we had to cancel on you Saturday night... I'm glad we didn't share our germs!

"Baby" Rory

Sarah and Rory

Ryan, Sarah and Rory

We owe them countless hours of babysitting! A few overnights too!

Uh Oh, the Parker scowl....easy boy, she was just trying to love on you!


Anonymous said...

We miss you so much too :)
Love-Jamie :)

Tallon said...
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tammy said...

Martha, Hey girl! What is going on with ya'll?:) I keep checking to keep in touch and no posts! I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and miss you!