Monday, October 22, 2007

and We're Off!

Despite how our trip ended, we really did have a wonderful time. It started early Tuesday morning the 25th of September at the ATL airport. Wow, soooo different flying with the boys now than it was a year ago....Maybe we weren't quite as prepared as we hoped. Can you ever be with 2 two years olds?
Our luggage for the week...4 suitcases, 3 overstuffed carry on bags, 2 car seats and one double stroller...not too bad?
The boys were entertained by watching the airport buses and planes take off as we did curb side check in. Yes, it was very worth the tip to check our bags here and not have to lug them inside and then to security.
Clearly a great idea at an airport terminal. We found this fun play area across from our gate:)
A snack and more bus and plane watching before boarding the plane
Daddy and Parker playing cars during the flight. I thought it would be a great idea to have some new cars for them in their bags....until they would drop them and roll to the seats behind us with a sleeping traveler:(
Peyton listening to his earphones as we tried to convince him that watching the movie "Cars" on a plane was as much fun as it is in the car...Not on his life! We thought we were going to have it made...movies on a plane: The Wiggles, Cars, Thomas, Bob. Nope, too much new stuff to see and explore. Thankfully the plane was half empty and we had 6 seats to ourselves!
Parker making his artwork display for a spot on LA out Carlos, you've got some competition. Maybe Hannah does animals too?
FINALLY! Some peace and quiet:) We brought the car seats on thinking we could keep them contained better...nope, they are now tall enough to annoyingly kick the seats in front of much fun.

I was never so glad to be on the ground as I was when we got to Orange County, CA! Next on my list...trying to convince our friends to adopt two really cute two years olds. Clearly I was NOT going to fly with them again. I guess this meant we were staying in CA...careful what you wish for!

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