Monday, October 22, 2007

Our first stop...the Beach!

So now that we have landed, retrieved our luggage and loaded our rental car...where do we head first? The beach of course! We thought we would give the boys a chance to run around after being couped up all morning. They were doing amazingly well considering it was past lunch time and nap time on the East coast. We headed to one of our favorite beach spots, Huntington Beach. I am sure the boys do not remember any of their other trips here. We visited this same spot the day before the moving people loaded up our house on the truck. Oh, the memories!

Chris and Peyton checking things out.
Parker: "I spy...a truck!"
Parker finding his shadow for the first time
It does just what I do! He amused himself for the longest time:)
Mommy and Parker walking away from the sea gulls...they were terrified of the birds! As usual the water was FREEZING! The boys were not pleased with that. I don't think I ever made it very far in the water the entire 3 years we were there. I quickly learned why most of the surfers wear wet suits.

The highlight of the boys morning at the beach? The firetruck of course!

As we were leaving to go get some food...lights, sirens...a FIRETRUCK! The boys were delighted, and it was coming right their way. In less than 5 minutes they saw a firetruck, police car and an ambulance! What a dream.

The highlight of Mommy and Daddy's day? Lunch at Fred's! Our favorite Mexican restaurant at Huntington Beach. Not to mention a great view of the ocean. The chips and salsa are yummy and the fish and shrimp tacos.....oh they are soooo GOOD!
Shrimp tacos while in CA...check
Huntington Beach trip...check
Sunny perfect weather...check
The boys were delighted that Luke had his very own train track to play with! They spent many a mornings and nights right here. Luke was so wonderful at sharing his toys with the boys. They invaded his space, played with his things and claimed his cars and trucks as their own! Thanks Luke for being so sweet with your toys.
We finally made our way to our friends house in Riverside. Thankfully traffic on The 91 was not too bad. It can be a bear and you just never know what you are going to get. And yes, they call their freeways and interstates out there "the". Here in GA it would be The 85 or The funny but we got used to it and it was hard to revert back to I 85.
We were at their house less than 5 minutes when we heard an all to familiar sound...and then felt it! Yep...a shaker:) It was a good one too. Loud and long enough to grab your attention. We were outside in their driveway...the boys just looked at us like, "what was that" and then started laughing. Yes, you really do hear them coming before you feel the ground/house shake. It is really weird and erry. It sounds like a big truck rumbling down the road...then the ground when it last for just a short time:)
Earthquake while in CA...check



Hey.My name is Connie and I found your blog on the murray's.....I also have twin boys who are 2 and reading some of your posts just made me laugh!!!Pretty much all you've been through, I have too!!!:)You can go check out my blog at
Hope you don't mind my "peeking" at your blog.Feel free to comment on mine too!:)In HIM, Connie


Oh, my mistake, not on murrays site,on thelifeofsuz....Connie

Chris & Emily said...

hey -how are you feeling - sounds like you've had a whirlwind recently. I am glad all is better now!! We have our Ultrasound Nov. 7? What about you? I think I am finally done with all the sicky!!!

Anonymous said...

awwh, Fred's. Michael hasn't had a fish taco since b/c he's afraid he'll be dissapointed! Your little Peter Pan playing with his shadow-so cute!

tammy said...

Miss you! I feel like I knew it was a girl... did we or did we just hope... either way, I'm still so excited for you! You look great and the pic of the kiss on the belly is sooooo precious! Miss you... chick fil A just tasted better when you guys were here:)