Wednesday, January 09, 2008

preschool party...bah humbug

Surprise... I am late in posting our Christmas adventures. None the less, I thought I would share them anyway.

The last day of preschool for the boys they were having a Christmas party and the parents were invited to attend. I was excited to see what they had been up to for the past few months and had heard there would be a little show.

I walked in to find them sharing a toy! Imagine that, they were being sweet with each other and playing QUIETLY together...why can't they do this at home?
This was a shot of the kids as they prepared to sing for all the parents. You might be wondering where my 2 blond headed monkeys are?
Standing right beside me of course...refusing to participate and watching the rest of the cute kids sing songs... should have snuck in at this time so they would have gone up front...seems I should have watched the whole party from the window...they were so out of sorts while I was there...fighting and not wanting to share me. Peyton was sad daddy wasn't there:( Not sure how he knew Chris could have been there? I think they would have enjoyed their party without me being there:( Throwing food, fighting over chairs, fighting over my much fun.

At least they were sweet with their teachers...Parker and Mrs. Robbie

OK, they had ONE sweet moment I happened to capture

Peyton and Mrs. Rachel

Maybe too many M&M's were the culprit?

Peyton and Mrs. Robbie

I was quite upset that the party was not as I hoped...I guess my pregnancy hormones were hitting hard. We even left a little early b/c they were out of control. Peyton was still asking for for some reason I had the bright idea to drive to the home office to surprise Chris and have lunch with him... BAD IDEA!

I am not quite sure why I thought they would be any better there... Oh the life with toddler twins. So needless to say, I don't think Chris and I ate lunch and I quickly left so Chris' entire day would not be ruined.

We had to bribe them with icedream just to get them to sit at the table. It was either a full blown tantrum by both of them or the icedream...seeing that we were in the middle of lunch at the cafeteria with ALL of Chris' counterparts...we chose the icedream. Usually I would let the tantrum happen and find a timeout spot where we were. I think my emotions got the best of me and I caved... I was DONE!

So to top ALL of it off, we had one more incident in the front lobby. Sure, why not? I was turning in our security badges...getting the coats and hats on the boys...and Peyton decides he is NOT wearing his coat or hat and is all about letting everyone know this. Aside the fact that it was in the 40's that day...I would have let him go without them. We finally managed to get the coat on and some poor lady got the brunt of him throwing his hat at her:) I just love the looks I get from people at this point. Yes...I LET my children act like this, I find great joy in it. No, we do not discipline them, we believe their free will should be seen as not to damper their spirits... Truth be known...I was ready to strangle him! Obviously timeout was not an immediate option. I don't think bringing out the spanking spoon right then and there was an option and there was no bathroom near by. So I said a quick prayer and quickly headed to the car, swearing I would never, EVER, bring them in public again. As my mother's old saying goes... and I quote "it will be a cold day in July before...." fill in the blank there.

Many tears and vows on the way home...I decided it was just a bad mommy day and "this too shall pass". I HATE days like this and always walk away feeling so guilty. Guilty that I am not enjoying my children or being a stay at home mom. Guilty that they are not well behaved, obviously it comes back to my parenting. Guilty that I wanted to strangle my child...not really but you know what I mean. Needless to say, we all had a very LONG nap time to think about our behavior and actions:)

The teachers did have a nice gift for the parents. They had taken pictures of the boys during the semester and had put them together for us. This did bring happy tears to my eyes....they do look like happy well behaved kids in these pictures. I loved seeing how they interacted at school. The pictures were so sweet:)

I especially love the bottom right picture of them...they do this at home too. Friendly wrestling...glad to see they are enjoying the same at school. As long as they don't do it to other kids:)

Of course there were the staple hand made ornaments made from their hand prints. I just love them and will cherish them for years to come. Needless to say, they are they only ornaments that made it to our tree this year. Our tree came VERY close to making it on our front porch as a decoration. They would NOT leave it alone. Maybe next year:)

Hope your preschool parties were more delightful than ours...thankfully our family Christmas celebrations were fun for everyone and the boys were a joy to be around.


The Howell family said...

I distinctly remember my mom asking me why I couldn't act at home the way I did at school.
Have ya'll heard of Sheparding a Child's Heart by Tedd Trip? Not that I think you need this, you are great parents, but our church did a study on the book and it was really Biblical and helps put things in perspective when it comes to discipline. I am dreading having to use what I learned.
If you have read it what did you think?

Steve and Miranda said...

When you have days like that, aren't you thankful that GOD'S GRACE IS SUFFICIENT and He removes our transgressions as far as the East is from the West and that He FORGETS? I have a much better memory than He does of my "ugliness."

Ah-we all have days like that...and you know you are an INCREDIBLE Mom who has extreme patience and who seeks the Lord in your parenting--God will honor that.