Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yum Pizza!

While in South Carolina preparing to celebrate Christmas with my family, my mom was telling me that the Pizza place where I worked in high school was closing it's doors. This was by far my favorite job growing up. Two of my close girlfriends in high school worked there too. Several of our guy friends were delivery guys too. We had so much fun working together and socializing. Yes, we got our job done...but how fun it was to do it with you really good friends. We worked here our junior and senior year. We were the phone chicks...answering phones, taking orders, making pizza and helping the carry out customers. All in all a great place to work.

Hugh, The owner, sold the business and closed the doors to Custom Pizza December 23rd. He supplied pizza to the high schools and middles schools and to many community events. It was neat having a local pizza place growing up. My parents still ordered pizza from here even after I moved on. He was open for many, many years and served the community well. This was the first year he was going to be home with his family on Christmas Eve in all the years he was open. We are excited for him as he closes this chapter in his life and is still young enough to enjoy the rest.

All this to say...we swung by there to order one last pizza and to say goodbye one last time. The boys were excited to go order Pizza, as this is one of their favorites. They were even more excited with the offer Hugh had for them. I'm convinced he would make a fabulous preschool will see why.

The boys got to make our pizza! Here they are rolling the dough...are you kidding me? They don't even like to play with play dough. Here he had them rolling, pulling and trowing the dough!

Parker helping put cheese on our pizza.

Peyton getting his turn.

They loved placing the peperoni and ham on the pizza. They were so careful to place it just right.
Peyton watching the pizza cook in the big oven.

The boys had a wonderful time making their pizza. I couldn't believe Hugh got them to get their hands dirty! We are sure going to miss him and his pizza's when we are in town. We wish him the best of luck and lots of relaxation. He has been in the pizza business for years and it greatly looking forward to some down time.

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Anonymous said...

So fun for the boys! For some reason making pizza at an actual pizza restaurant is so fun. I remember my Girl Scout Troop did this once. Great fun. Love those dirty hands on the boys and that cute little belly of yours too!