Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Then and Now

OK, many of you have been asking for prego shots. Here we go! I thought it would be fun to compare my pics from being pregnant with the boys to my current pics. Sadly, I have not been on top of pictures this time and have missed some "milestones" that I captured last time. Oh, well.

This first set of pics were taken Thanksgiving weekend at 25 weeks. I couldn't find any with the boys at this point.

Parker loves it when I show my belly...he always comes running:) "kiss bebe, kiss bebe" We shall see how it turns out once she is here...

28 weeks with the boys. Hotel del Coronado near San Diego, my favorite spot in this city.
Picture on the top is at 29 weeks with the boys...the bottom is a 32 week shot this time around. Funny story about the top picture. This was at a black tie silent auction and dinner for California Baptist University. Chris was there to accept an award presented to Chick-fil-A by CBU. No one from the home office could make it out to California, so he accepted it on their behalf seeing that we were the closest store to the school and did several events with them. I didn't want to buy a formal dress seeing that I would only wear it once...Chris felt bad going in a tux so to make me feel less out of place he wore his suit:) OK, the funny part...those pants are my regular pre pregnancy pants...unzipped all the way:) If only people had known! Good thing the wind wasn't blowing:)

Now the fun begins. What a difference carrying one makes! They are both at 32 weeks 3 days. We took the picture on the top as we were going out to eat one last time as a family of 2. My mom was coming the next day to stay until the boys were born...little did we know I was going to go into labor the next day and this would be the last shot we got. So, this past Monday (1/14/08) I put the same clothes back on and took a current 32 weeks and 3 days shot...My feet aren't even fat, yet! That is the one thing I hated about being pregnant with the boys. I couldn't stand my fat feet b/c my toes were touching...ick!

HA HA HA! No more complaining from me. Top picture is then...Botto, picture is now!

As of today I am 32 weeks 5 days...the time when the boys were born. So far all is quiet...thank goodness:)

Hopefully we will get in many more pics before she makes her arrival in 6 1/2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Your belly is so cute. It's amazing how much smaller you are this time around. But twins explains it. I can't wait to meet Little Miss Darley!

The Howell family said...

Thanks for the pictures! It's fun to see the difference. Two different sized basketballs! I'm glad there are no stirrings from the womb. Still prayin' for you!

Tallon said...

Martha- you look sooo GREAT- I just love pregnant belly's!!! I LOVED seeing how different your belly was with 2 kiddos vs 1!! Thanks for sharing! Cont to pray for you guys daily and can not WAIT to meet precious little girl in all her GIRLY CLOTHES and hair bows!!!!!!!

Steve and Miranda said...

That is so fun to look at comparison pictures, especially since I never saw you pregnant with the boys!

Chrys and Mike said...

love your belly! you look beautiful! i'm so glad you took the comparison pics - that is great!

so excited for you!