Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Sadly, our New Year didn't get off to a happy start:( It seems the wrong Tigers won the bowl game. What a heart breaker. Oh, well... there is more to life than a football game! (Convincing Chris of that is a bit harder...especially when his Tigers loose)

As you can see, we rang in the New Year with 74, 413 Tiger fans at the Chick-fil-A bowl. It did get a bit confusing at times yelling "Go Tigers".... Seeing that mostly all 74,000 + fans were Tiger fans of some sort...and in some fashion of Orange! Despite the loss, we had a good time and enjoyed a night out with each other. We saw lots of friends from Clemson we have not seen in years. It was the only game we made it to this year...it helped that it was in our backyard!

Did I mention we had GREAT seats? It's always a plus when you work for the company that sponsors the game:) We had tickets on the 6th row...but Chris' boss had two seats open on the FRONT ROW and invited us to join them:) Uhh, sure! It was great because I could sit down and prop my feet up when everyone else was standing...and still see the game. Sadly, my Tiger "tattoo" on my belly didn't seem to do the trick. The boys were so confused when they saw it. They couldn't quite figure out that it was a sticker. I should have painted a huge paw on my belly. Surly I would have gotten us some TV time then...maybe a "Hi Mom" message would have worked too. I just settled looking like a giant pumpkin:)

Hope everyone has had a great start to '08. Christmas is done, the decorations are down, and we are in the process of weaning the boys off their sugar high. Not to mention getting them back on schedule...they are bucking the system head on! We should have them squared away just in time for their world to get rocked the end of February when baby girl gets here. Oh my oh my!


Anonymous said...

I think you should have painted that cute belly. Are you up late tonight? Just seemed like you were. I looked for you on TV. No luck. Luke is also "bucking the system" too when it comes to napping. Boy, isn't this fun! After about 30 minutes, he comes down telling us that he took a little nap. Don't think so! Reagan has gotten 2 more teeth in the last week and is working on the big #7 tonight. I guess I should be thankful they're all coming in at once. Miss you!

Tallon said...

Would have LOVED to have seen your FUN belly on tv- It would have been WAY better if Clemson could have won!!! Have fun weaning the boys down from the sugar- wish I had some encouraging words but we are in the same boat!!!!!! but those grins and sweet kisses make parenting for me ( when it feels like most days all I do is discipline, discipline, discipline!!)