Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas Cookie Exchange

I've been wanting to do this for some time now. I had thoughts of doing it in California but I guess having twin infants puts many things on the back burner:) So, finally this year I got the gumption to get it done. It was a fun night of girl chat, NO kids and yummy treats. Christen, Amy, Lori and Heather we missed you. If you're looking for a fun girls night anytime of the year...what better way than a cookie exchange! You get fun girl time, yummy food and LOTS of take home treats to share with the fam (or hide and eat yourself).

We sat and drank coffee, punch and hot chocolate....mmm, the perfect beverages for yummy treats!

Nothing better than sitting and eating yummy treats with NO noses to wipe, NO food to cut and NO instructions to be given!

I was excited to see what yummy treats the girls would come up with. Boy, they did not disappoint... Everything was wonderful. Here are a few pics of our yummy treats. If only you could taste them!

Carolyn's Meringue Cookies...with hints of chocolate hidden inside:)

Melanie's Christmas Wreath Cookies...what a fun Christmas treat!

My Orange Sweet Cakes...really good shower food as the recipe makes a ton!

Suzanne's Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies...she even made the strawberry jelly herself!

Sara's Cookies and Cream Truffles...Oh boy, these were sinful!

Would you take a look at this presentation... and she was worried about coming because she doesn't cook... could have fooled me, she sure can bake! Everyone was to bring a copy of their recipe to, yeah...she outdid all us southern gals all the way around! This is a picture of the "bundle" of goodies everyone got to take home with them. Just in case you forget what they look like as you bake them later...just flip the card over and there is the picture:) goodies were sent home with everyone in "Glad" containers. I think she has adjusted to the south nicely:)

Somehow I missed getting a picture of Meghan's goodies: a square pretzel with a melted Rollo and then topped off with a pecan...a perfect combo of sweet and salty.

Hope everyone had a fun and festive time heading into Christmas. The boys and I enjoyed all my take home loot from the "cookie" exchange...OK I am lying, we didn't so much share with the boys as we let them have A taste. They didn't know what they were missing:)

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